October 28th, 2007

hi, holidays, beach


P's parents gave gifted us with a fabulous hotel room for the next 2 nights... so I'm taking advantage of the free broadband.

Not much to report. Had dinner with old church/NUS friends, and it was fabulous. (This is after our "a la carte buffet" dinner the night before... where we, a table of 9, ordered and consumed about 25 courses.)

Wedding dinner tomorrow night. Another 8 or 9 courses, I think. Yikes! Ahhh... being Chinese is fun!

Oh and here's one of the shots from the graveyard photo shoot I had with Banana in Vaucluse a couple of days before we left Sydney:

Graveyard Bride 2

There's a couple more on Flickr, but I haven't had the time to upload most of them.

Ok bye! Going to do my nails...