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Well, looks like I posted too soon!
About an hour after I posted the last post, I got a telephone call from the Immigration Dept, and.........

I'm getting deported.

Pretty intense.

No, I'm kidding.

I got my visa!!! I am now an official Spouse Visa holder, and an official resident of Australia, and can stay and work and do as I please. (Good timing too, since I didn't want to go to a job interview and say that my permission to work was still pending. That would've been silly.)

Anyway, I'm now celebrating my newfound demi-Australianness by eating leftover rice and bak kut teh... mmmm peppery, garlicky, soupy South East Asianness.....

Test post from Flickr....

Switchfoot Blurred, originally uploaded by princess_yoj.

Trying to get my Flickr account all sorted and integrated with all my other thingos, so I decided to see if this blogging thingy works through it... Here's a picture I took at the Big Exo Day in September.

It's Switchfoot!! Far away and bright and blurry.