October 9th, 2007

common sense

Update on Life So Far

Well I've been home for the past couple days nursing my unwell hubby. He had a terribly high fever and so we went to the doctor and he got drugged up and slept all day yesterday while I pottered around the house and made soups and tea and whatnot. He's looking slightly better now, though.

I've got a job interview on Friday!! Exciting! I hope I get it. Will update more if I get it... Don't want to work you all into a frenzy of expectation. Good wishes and prayers this way are welcome. :)

My Spouse Visa thingy is on track. Should get it by the end of this week, hopefully.

I finally caved and got me a Flickr account for my photography. I just got sick of using stupid ScrapBook... Even though it's free and I have basically unlimited space... it's just so user unfriendly. So yay I have a lovely Flickr account, and you can view it here:


It's so much easier to use.

Oh - and Vodafone just called me back, coz I lodged a formal complaint about their terrible service. And they've given me $20 off my next bill as an apology. Hooray!!

And we're going to Singapore in 2 weeks!! Exciting! I'm looking forward to the food more than anything else, really. Hahaa.

Ok update over.