September 30th, 2007


Birthday Report

1. P took half a day off work for my birthday. Surprised me with a big bunch of daisies at lunchtime. The fact that he took the day off work just for my birthday pretty much made my day already.

2. Went out to the city. Had lunch on Darling Harbour.

3. Walked around and just chatted and had a nice relaxed afternoon enjoying each other's company.

4. Wandered through the casino... and had iced tea at a cafe.

5. Had dinner at Pyrmont's at Star City. Very very nice food and great service. Mmmm...

6. Watched Miss Saigon at the Lyric Theatre. Absolutely wonderful cast and I teared up a few times. Ahhhh... the tragedy of it all!!! And the music! So many memories from choir in high school! Just beautiful. The only bone I have to pick is that RJ Rosales didn't play Thuy as he was meant to (according to the programme).... THAT would've brought back even *more* fond high school memories of "Chang & Eng" (this regional musical about the first 'Siamese' twins) and Spukes trying to stalk him and look for his changing room because he was, like, sooooo cute.

7. And today, got more pressies! The girlfriends bought me a cast iron casserole dish! Hahaha because I'd been wanting one for the longest time!! Such a dork am I...

8. Then cake and sang to by big church crowd.

Yay!! A lovely birthday, all in all.