September 20th, 2007



Grrr! I sprained my ankle on my front steps... I was trying to avoid the dead body of a rather large blue tongued lizard (that had decided to expire in the middle of the path) and it was getting dark and I wasn't paying attention to exact placement of steps, and twisted my ankle on a little ledge bit that sticks out from our front steps. At least I didn't fall off in the other direction and fall off the front part of our steps... a nice 4 foot drop. Instead, I sprained an ankle and skinned my other knee and strained my back muscles a bit.

But at least I didn't break my head!! Or squish on top of the dead lizard!

As they say in Enid Blighton novels, Hurrah!

And now for the Dream Home Meme... hehe... (since I'm now stuck at home for the next couple days.)

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