September 4th, 2007


Big Exo Day and other gnus...

So The Big Exo Day 2007 was on Saturday. It was fun. P & I decided to get there in the daytime and we spent the entire day taking photos of the crowds and bands and crazy kids... I felt kinda old, actually, since the place was just swarming with high school kids, and there weren't too many people older than 21 around.

The highlight (or lowlight, depending how you look at it) was the night program, where Reggie Dabbs spoke (very good), and Pillar and Switchfoot played. Now, Jon Foreman, the lead singer, decided to jump off the stage, run around the crowd, and climbed up the wall to the bleacher seats where we were. He climbed the wall and climbed directly INTO MY SEAT.

This would've made for excellent photos (which was really the only thing I was thinking about) if not for the fact that about 20 minutes previous I had been shoved along the row from my original seat to be about 4 seats down. Now 4 seats isn't too far, except when it's a 'famous' person... then about a thousand screaming girls can fit into that space, climbing all over you, pushing you, and destroying any chance of getting a decent photo of the man who would've climbed straight into my seat, if not for me making room for other friends. *sigh* Oh well. I got one blurry shot of Jon Foreman's head the size of a pea, obscured by the thousand screaming girls. I got some amazing shots of the crowd that ran across the field and crowded at the bottom of the wall he had climbed... ha!

Well anyway, here are a few pictures...

The guitarist of the band Lukas, playing on one of the outdoor stages.

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In other news, my visa stuff has been moving along well. I got fingerprinted today at the police station!! It was fun. I got my hand and fingers scanned on this big machine. It was tres cool.

Have my medical examination tomorrow, where I shall be prodded with needles and probably need to pee into a cup. *SIGH*