May 3rd, 2007



So I've started my 2-week break with a bronchial infection, complete with hacking cough, post-nasal drip and a course of antibiotics. Yayyyyy.

P's dad is in hospital with some post-biopsy complications, but they caught it early and he'll be right as rain after a continuous 48-hour course of intravenous antibiotics.

I had a bacon double cheeseburger. Yumm. At least my illness hasn't affected my appetite. In fact, I think the drugs make me hungry.

JM (other housemate) is down with a fever. Not good.

P has a new photography obsession. I told him he's only allowed to have one expensive hobby at a time, otherwise we'd be in trouble.

I helped antares84 pack her ex-housemate's stuff today. Many a Hillsong-obsessed crazyfan would sell their soul (or at least a limb) to be rummaging through the various household items and clothes of a certain prominent person (and her family's)... Too bad we were stuck with the job. Gah. Where are the crazy MySpace stalkernuts when you need them?!

And thus endeth the random update.