April 8th, 2007



Happy Resurrection Day everyone!

After church yesterday we went to Serene's house and hung out in her basement music room. After rummaging through her old music books, we found an old chorus lyrics-and-chords book ("Songs of Fellowship", maybe?) and Ange bashed them out on the piano and we gathered round and belted out the great church songs from the 70s-80s... "Shine Jesus Shine", "Joy of my Desire", "Clap De Hands", "Majesty", "Celebrate Jesus Celebrate"..... it was really nostalgic and hilarious and LOUD. It was such a crazy hour, just singing/screaming ourselves hoarse!

Today P took me out for lunch (sushi, mmmm) and then we just walked around the city and then went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I love art galleries. They're fun.

We're cooking dinner for P's family tomorrow. No idea what to cook, but we figured it would be fun.

Merlin (the TV movie/miniseries with Sam Neill in) is on the telly now... it's kinda bizarre when you jump in halfway.
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