April 2nd, 2007

dread piwate teddy


I had the most awful food weekend!! I think I consumed like 5000 calories in a 24 hour space. Friday night we had a girls night, so we had fried chicken and rice for dinner followed by chips and dip and ice cream. Then the next morning we went to the beach, where I had eggs Benedict for breakfast (oh SO yummy but basically fat on a plate) and then lunch just an hour and a half later, which was this full Chinese dim sum banquet (they call it 'yum cha' here, which doesn't make much sense since that means to drink tea...) which was basically a huge variety of fried foods and the occasional steamed thing filled with lard to make up for the steaming. THEN our Extension Service at church had its 8th year anniversary celebration, which meant FOOD again.... but I was feeling gross so I didn't eat that much. But then after church we were a little peckish again and so went to... McDonald's.

I felt absolutely DISGUSTING that night. Like a big greaseball.

I said I'd detox on Sunday, so I just drank water and ate a banana at mid-day... but then that night I had dinner with P's family and we were all feeling lazy and had... KFC.

AUGH!!! I'm a sucker for fried chicken. Honestly, I think fried chicken is my biggest weakness. And fries. Mmmmm.

Ew ew ew!!! I need to lose 2 kilos in 2 weeks. Ok I'm gonna try really hard this week. I am I am I am!!
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