March 26th, 2007


Weekly Roundup

Us girls were observing yesterday that there seems to be a male inclination to throw things. The boys were bored on Saturday night and spent a good portion of the evening throwing a stress ball at each other, using rather, um, delicate body parts as targets. (This propensity to harm each others' reproductive capabilities is also a strange male thing that we don't understand.) Then on Sunday night they were bored again and started throwing cards towards the wall. Somehow this is a game. We were greatly puzzled.

Anyway, I went to the dentist again today and got a crack fixed. Had a different dentist, who went a little crazy with the anesthetic and numbed me all the way up to my hairline! Even my ear and eyelid are numb. Grrrr! And dental care here is expensive. *sigh*

Doing laundry now. Exam tomorrow. Assignment due on Friday.

Oh, and the bridal shop called and YAY - my veil is in! At last!