February 11th, 2007


High heels

High heels were invented by men. My feet hurt. Owie...

In other news, being engaged is great. The new (and my final!) semester of college has begun. Looks like it's gonna be hard work... Good thing I've already got most of the wedding-ish things planned!

P has started watching the first season of Lost. He's not really a TV person, so this is quite an interesting development. Heh.

Okie doke I'm going to bed. Got TWO birthday parties tomorrow! Yoikes!
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Social butterflication

Two birthday parties in one day! The afternoon was a pool party and barbecue, which was good casual fun. Then in the evening it was a dress-up affair, where we had to dress up as celebrities, so a bunch of us went as the Spice Girls, with varying degrees of success. I was Sporty Spice, which was great since all I had to do was wear running shoes and baggy pants and something vaguely sporty, and a ponytail. Yay!

The boys were supposed to be the Jackson Five, but really only had their 'fros on for about 3 minutes, and the wigs spent most of the night piled up on a table like an overweight black poodle. Ha!

I've eaten a lot today. A lot of prawns. YAY. (Sorry, Jordan Reuben.)