January 23rd, 2007



It's funny. I'm sure I've done a few blog-worthy things in the past couple days, and I actually recall sitting at this here laptop and saying "Ooh, gotta post! Oh wait, I'll do that in a few minutes..." and then I completely forget and here I am unable to remember what I had wanted to write.

Yeah that made sense.

Anyway, so I've decided to update my LJ just coz I can. Nothing much as happened in the past couple days... Ooooh, P and I are planning our honeymoon.... looks like some sort of wintery getaway to New Zealand. *bounce*

Oh oh and he brought me flowers and fixed our broken kitchen sink. He brought me flowers TWICE in a week and fixed our broken kitchen sink! Yay I got me a good one. He's also an exceptional experimental cook... a couple nights ago we had a random meal of sauteed pork with onions, mustard and peaches, and it was good. Very good... Who woulda thunk?

Oh and antares84 is back from Iceland!! She's crashing in my bedroom for the next couple days.

Life is good.
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The Romance...

So I forgot to add that P not only brought me flowers last night, but also my favorite chocolates (Kinder Bueno... mmmmm...) and ice-cream for dessert - which we forgot to eat, but oh well. It's saved for later.

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