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Today (well, technically yesterday) was P's birthday. I got him a t-shirt, a box of magnetic monkeys, and a USB rocket launcher. And a humungous cake. It was a fun day.

A bunch of us are going quad biking tomorrow... it'll be my first time. I can't drive a car, wait, I can't even ride a bicycle! How am I going to survive quad biking?? Aaarrgh....

Oh! and one more thing...
common sense
...wedding dresses on eBay!!

How ingenious!!

Quad biking!!!
So we went to Port Stephens to ride quad bikes (ATVs) on the amazing dunes of the coastal desert... it was pretty phenomenal. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking and I was so annoyed that I didn't bring my camera. We went and saw a shipwreck sitting in water so bright and blue that it was nearly violet, and just rode for a couple hours in endless dunes of blinding sand. It was really beautiful. I wanted to stop so many times just to take it all in, but had to keep up with the group. Oh well!

At least P brought his camera!! This is us going down this insanely steep dune that 5 people have died descending. It was scary cool...