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I'm a STAR!!!!
And yet another photo-post. I've just been getting flooded with photos all at once, folks, so bear with.

Anyway, this was taken at my brother's wedding in July. The whole 'movies' theme was adorable. The closest I'll ever get to getting my own star... haha!

I was gonna do laundry for the first time in my new house, and was amazed at the soap and gunk buildup in the fabric softener compartment (basically no more room for fabric softener), so I took it out to give it a wash, only to reveal the absolute monstrosity of the insides of a neglected washing machine...

The lint trap and filter were clogged with black and green gunk and slime... I removed handfuls of the stuff. I just can't believe that the girls here have been washing their clothes in water pumped through that nastiness.

So I cleaned it all out (reached my arm in up to the elbow of the middle column bit... thank God for my little hands) and coz it was such a tight squeeze, I rubbed my hands red and raw with the hot water and scourer.

But at least now I have some comfort that I'm washing my clothes in clean water.