August 17th, 2006


Busy busy busy!

Well this is the last week of the term, which means a gazillion assignments all due on the same day... YAY!!!! (Not.)

Last day at Street Teams today. Next term I'll be interning on Fridays at the W&CA office, which will be lovely coz I'll actually get to learn about how the W&CA dept works (kinda) and have Thursday afternoons off. Yay!

Oh, and P & I have booked our tickets back to S'pore in Dec. Dec 6th to the 24th, with 4 days in Thailand in the middle. It's gonna be insane. That's a reeeeally long holiday. Yoikes!!

My shirt smells of onions, for some reason. Eww.

I so wanna do the book meme on eruhini's LJ. And the quote one, maybe. I miss memes! Ooh I'm a dork.
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Well I was feeling fine until I ate something suspect, and then I had a wrenching stomach and chest pain for the rest of the day. Still have it in fact. I even tried barfing, to see if expelling the offending food would fix it, but apparently that only worked temporarily... and maybe because the pain in my throat and nose and discomfort from hurling simply made the chest/stomach pains diminish in comparison.

So yeah, I'm not feeling too hot, but I'll live. At least most of my assignments are just about done. Yay!
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