May 6th, 2006


Romance Overload

So yesterday we had an Anne Of Green Gables marathon.


Who knew that a you could name a credible romantic hero Gilbert?! But yes. The books were my favorite as a child, and the movies/miniseries were a strange high school obsession (along with Amy, Sarah, & Cat) and now my house is nostalgically reliving the romance, giggling at the puffy dresses and hats and Canadians saying "sore-ry" when they apologize ever so sincerely. *swoon*

And it also kinda makes me wanna visit Canada.

Oh, then we watched A Chorus Line after Youth today (after making and eating fresh Vietnamese spring rolls - yummm...)

Too much romance! Too much dancing!! Too much love!!!

Did I mention that I'm ovulating? (Yes, again. Tsk.) I have the ovary-pains and the backache. Grrr... Well at least I know most of the time when I'm exactly impregnatable. Is that a word?