May 4th, 2006

dread piwate teddy


Lem went crazy with the curling iron this evening, so I was curly tonight. Yay!

Shirley Yojemple

Then Steven Curtis Chapman came to our W&CA Elevate meeting at church, which was pretty cool. He sang and talked... and he sang Dive & Speechless, which are two of my favorite songs of his, so I was happy. I love that it wasn't even like a big event or publicized concert... he just came to our little leaders' meeting. Yay church!

Then we went home and changed into our matching pajamas and watched a terrible Hilary Duff movie.

And did you know that if you take a picture of yourself from a really high perspective and do a half-smile, your cheeks look ENORMOUS, like a little squirrel?

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And now it is time for bed.
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