April 30th, 2006


Politics Shmolitics...

Well, apparently there's an election on in Sporea. I didn't know until Chez called me from Brisbane asking what I was gonna do, since it's the first time either of us has been old enough to vote, and both of us aren't back on the Spore... But if we don't vote this time round they'll take our names off the electoral roll. Grrrr. Not that I'm very political anyway, but still. Will have to reapply to be added back onto the roll should I ever want to vote in the future. Pfffht.

Anyway, not voting. Too much trouble. Not that there's really much doubt about the outcome anyway.

Going to Parklea Markets tomorrow! Gonna try to buy some girly clothes... I always feel so strangely un-feminine at church, especially at HillsongWomen. It's the Australian fashion, with their flowy skirts and jangling necklaces and layers of chiffon... aargh!