April 25th, 2006


Sleepovers & Hair

So I got that haircut. The salon was lovely and the hairstylist was hilarious, and I didn't get any outrageous fun colors put in.

ME: "I was thinking... maybe adding some chunks of red or blue or something funky...?"
STYLIST: "What! Blue!? You'll be asking for a piercing next!! No no no! I'll make you funky, woman, but sophisticated funky!! Tsk tsk! No blue!"

So she chopped most of the length off and added some tiny barely noticeable light brown highlights underneath for a little movement. I think it makes me look more... mature. churchfreak says it makes me look "my age"... I think I look more like my mother and slightly accountant-ish. But it certainly does make me look more styled, if you know what I mean. I mean, my hair actually has shape now, not just long and like I just let it grow for 7 months, which was what it used to be. It's bouncy now, which is good. (Although it vaguely resembles my mushroom-head haircut of a couple years back. Hmmmm.)

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And then last night I went for a sleepover!! We ate butterscotch popcorn, watched movies, ate cake, curry, and pappadums. Mmmmmm. And then we slept. And it was in a certain Hillsong musician's house, which should vaguely impress my children one day. Bwahaha. But we were house-sitting, so he wasn't there. Heh. He has a very lovely house, though. I want one like it.

Now I have FOUR papers to write. Aaaauuugh...
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