April 17th, 2006



I want to be like Peter Furler (from the Newsboys). Not bald or male, but to have his eloquence and passion when reciting/shouting scripture in the middle of a song. It was so powerful... like a knife through the heart, the way it's supposed to be, not just dry Bible babble. I think he recited at least a whole chapter of Isaiah at one point, and an entire psalm at another. It was really beautiful and rocking at the same time. Gotta commit some chapters to memory now. That should do me some good anyway.

In other news: Went to a teppan-yaki restaurant with random people from Asian service (dragged Lem along too) and had food thrown at us by the manic cook. I caught the raw egg thrown at me!! I was very proud. But with the cook doing acrobatics between every course, the meal took about 2 hours, after which we were kinda hungry again. But the food was YUMMY. Mmmmmmmm....