March 27th, 2006


The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead.

So one of the speakers at this year's Colour conference is Jordan Rubin, the man behind The Maker's Diet and stuff. Very, very interesting stuff on staying healthy and preventing disease and how we should take care of our bodies according to the ancient biblical guidelines, etc. I'm inspired to eat healthy now... too bad I have to cut pork out of my diet... *sob*.

Anyway, according to his recommendations, coconut oil is the healthiest for cooking (which apparently isn't news to the health-conscious community... or most of Southeast Asia), extra virgin olive oil is next, and the third healthiest oil is... get ready... GHEE. Yes, butterfat. Clarified butter oil. And coconut milk/cream is good for you too! YESSSSS!

Thing is, I should've gathered this from the way skinny asians eating a diet of curries made from coconut milk and ghee (or coconut oil) aren't dying from heart disease and diabetes and cancer and stroke the way their urbanized/Westernized/modernized canola oil using, diet Coke drinking, no-carb eating, non-fat ice cream licking brethren are. It's a very interesting and sustainable program... and it doesn't hurt that the man himself practically GLOWS with health and the whole point isn't weight loss at all but just strength, health, and preventing disease.

Generally: No pork or shellfish/crustaceans, but otherwise it's all good, as long as you keep things as natural as possible (e.g. go organic whenever possible, no chemicals, eat stuff with as little processing as possible, whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies and meat and fish...) Yeah, basically it's workable... I'm gonna see if I can do it slowly (changing my skim milk to whole milk! Easy!) I mean, it's a lot of common-sense stuff about keeping healthy (I already knew that pork ribs and clams weren't health-foods, and that organic multigrain bread is better than preservative-pumped squishy white bread), it was really just a matter of having a solid motivation behind deliberately caring for my body and, y'know, actually doing something about it.

Truth be told, I think most of us know how to be healthy, we're just too darn lazy, or think it's too expensive... or we think that simply being disease-free is good enough, which it isn't. Stupid self-improvement! Let me wallow in bacon! Waaah!!

Anyhoo, I went and bought some ghee to replace my canola oil (which is listed as a 'trouble' food, probably because it's a completely man-made oil). GHEE. My mother would be horrified.