March 8th, 2006


Wearing band t-shirts always makes me friends

So I'd been trying to get hold of Earthsuit's The Rise of Modern Simulation for absolutely ages and ages. I couldn't even find a copy to download. So anyway, I basically gave up last year, but I was cool with that since Mute Math & Macrosick produced some stuff to keep me happy.

So on Saturday on the train to rehearsals at the Entertainment Centre, I'm wearing my Mute Math t-shirt. I'm sitting at the back of the car, but when I spot NoLo at the front, I move to go sit next to her. This places me directly opposite N, a guy who I know casually but haven't really talked to at length before. He looks at my shirt and we start talking about Mute Math. Yay #1. He listens them on my iPod.

Then we start talking about Earthsuit. Yay #2.

Then he says he HAS The Rise of Modern Simulation and is willing to lend it to me. Yay #3!!!!

How cool is that?

I'm listening to it right now.
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