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Antonio Banderas RULES.
Watched The Legend of Zorro today with Min, Lem, & FuJo. We LOVED it. Why don't they make more of these fun, clean, swashbuckling movies? I enjoyed it so much. It was just so madcap and ridiculous and Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were in good form and their little kid was SO QYOOOOOT and they spoke lots of Spanish and and and and... it's ZORRO, dude. Freakin ZORRO!!! There is no way it can not be fun. Hmmm, I really like Banderas... Desperado was one of my favorite action movies as a teen. Absurdity + violence + Spanish = heaps of fun!

And since I just brushed my teeth...


A PhotoPost!
Cross-processed Lomo love, anyone?

Yoj, hangin out in the LOVE, JOY, PEACE declaration in front of the church. ("ECEAP! YOJ! EVOL!!!!")

more from the Christmas break...Collapse )