January 23rd, 2006


I can now have thirteen babies!

Anberlin played Sydney tonight. I really wanted to go, but couldn't get anybody to go with me.

So anyway, because we had about 2 kilos of leftover sausage from the new students' barbecue on Friday, I cooked up a big pot of pasta sauce (from scratch!) and we had a huge home-cooked dinner party thing (pasta, garlic bread, creamed spinach) for fifteen people. I made food for 15 people! And for under $20!! (Well, the sausage was free, but hey.)

I can now say that should I ever have 13 children, I know how to feed them all for under 20 bucks. And five of them were boys who ate mountains of pasta bigger than my head. And then we had ice-cream and played Balderdash. Fun!
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