January 8th, 2006



Had a reunion with the Broilerettes (sans one) last night. Shouted at each other for a few hours because the music was always ridiculously loud... Our theory is that the music is kept at a nice ear-shattering level so that the sleazy old foreign men and their local nymphets don't have to really talk to each other. Great fun meeting all the girls again... and although I hadn't seen Pooj since high school graduation, we basically knew everything about each other anyway, thanks to the internet. Went around places, ate food, yelled a lot, and managed to bump into a couple of our old teachers, one who was completely smashed, another who was a little less so and far more communicative.

Then tonight we had a dinnerish thing at a Tex-Mex place that is being managed by a guy I last saw when we were about 14. He's all grown up!! It was really fun seeing him again. Carpenter to deliveryman to swimming coach to restaurant manager. Who woulda thunk!? Really random people came to the dinner, most of whom I'd last seen when we were 15 or thereabouts. SO BIZARRE. But lovely in a way. Then after dinner we went for drinks and the amazing view of the city and river from Sirocco, a restaurant at the top of this humungous building that obviously grew overnight because I had no knowledge of its existence until tonight.

A rundown of the rest:
- AA is back from Canada and hanging out in Thailand for a bit.
- SH is working in London and getting her second degree in geology, after which she'll become a volcanologist (and probably move to Hawaii).
- PP is back from Canada and looking for a job.
- CH is working in London in music publishing and gigging on the side.

The rest of 'em of the Reunion of Randomness:
- SPS, who was a sweet little boy who would join in whenever us girls would go on crazy Disney-cartoon singing sprees, has become a very cool and hip cool-and-hip-person and a full-time DJ at clubs. A full time DJ!! Five nights a week, spinning and mixing and being generally cool (and hip).
- CF is now a freelance model and TV presenter, and starting to dabble in acting. No surprise there, since she is one of the most gorgeous creatures on two legs ever born.
- CU, who was a model in high school, is finishing up her degree and will soon be in a job developing weapons for the Murkian military machine.
- KH has just finished his master's in international business and is now unemployed. (Hahaha!)
- P, who I exchanged more words with in one evening than in our entire time together in school, is finishing up some advanced business degree.

And just talking talking talking talking... weddings and divorces and jobs and general madness...

We is growed up!
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