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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!
So I'm back on The Spore! It's hot! And humid!

The plane ride back was pretty fun. The cool thing about having a daytime flight is that you can watch endless movies and TV shows without feeling bad about not sleeping, especially if you're on Singapore Airlines with their rocking entertainment system. I watched 3 movies: Four Brothers, Must Love Dogs, and Little Manhattan, all of which I had really wanted to see, so I was happy. Little Manhattan is the cutest, sweetest, most lovely movie EVER. churchfreak would love it, because it's about TWOO WUV.

And then I followed the beauty of young love with the bloodbath of Four Brothers, which was entertaining enough, for an action flick.

Then I watched the start of March of the Penguins but got a headache because reading subtitles is hard work after 7 hours on a plane, so I quit.

Anyway, now I'm back on The Spore and I have no plans whatsoever. In true Singaporean-Hobbit style, though, I've already eaten four meals, and it's only 3 in the afternoon. How cruel life is.

Tee hee!