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Cult TV meme
Just got back from graduation dinner, the rather dull after-party at The Establishment (apparently a rather hip club, but actually blah), and then nachos at a rather fun 24-hr restaurant called Pancakes On The Rocks. Oh well. I smell like a cigarette butt and really should be getting showered and going to bed, but banazir's Cult TV Meme is too tempting... So here it is:

Bold means I loved it/watched it religiously/etc.
Italic means I liked it but did not watch religiously.
Regular roman letters means I didn't see it or was pretty much indifferent to it.
Strikeout means I have seen it but disliked it.
(I added a bunch to the list... like Perfect Strangers... ah, Bronson Pinchot...)

That's a heck of a lot of TV...Collapse )