November 14th, 2005



Sunday = Funday!

  • Morning - church & choir. Super fun, as usual.
  • Lunch with FinMin, NoLo & Rach. General hilarity.
  • Afternoon sunbathing and soaking in the kiddy pool in the backyard.
  • Lem made the second installation in the Hazardous Lego Structures series, pictures of which will be posted soon.
  • Made beef rendang curry for dinner. Yum.
  • Evening church. Awesomeness.
  • Called Vikki and spoke with her for the first time in YEARS. She's coming for church next Sunday! Brooke Fraser's gonna be leading, so that should be phenomenal.
  • Went to the movies with Laura, Lem, & Michael. Pride & Prejudice... it was better than I expected, although I still think Keira Knightley far too thin for the part. P&P never ceases to amaze me at what a brilliant story it is - you want to punch most of the characters, but you still feel compelled to stick with it. Jane Austen was genius. Repression is such a wonderful plot driver.
  • Going to bed now. Hitting the mall tomorrow - churchfreak is gonna get her hair done!
  • Current Music
    Muse - Stockholm Syndrome