October 3rd, 2005



We had my birthday party at my house last night.

It was really fun.

More people came than I expected.

More than I invited, actually.

But it was awesome. Even my housemates didn't know that our house could fit so many people...

See, here's the trick - announce International Food Night Party, and people turn up with FOOD, like real food, and not just chips and soda. We had Thai fish cakes, fried rice, salsa, Finnish coffee brownies, some chili dip, onion dip, lots and LOTS of chocolate cake, fruit & chocolate salad, marshmallows (toasted over candles around the house), coconut peanuts, chocolate, wasabi peas, agar agar, tortilla chips, cookies, a cheese & herb salsa-ish dip thing, and of course, lots of potato chips. And all the people who didn't bring food brought drinks.

The Puerto Ricans tried to teach the British to salsa. Didn't work.

And of course, SPARKLERS.

We set off the smoke alarm, and Jules got bashed in the head as she tried to shut it off - someone else was using a jacket to fan the smoke away and it had like a rock in its pocket that cracked her across the face... so she got a perfect bump smack in the middle of her forehead, making her look like a little baby unicorn on the verge of, um, horning.