August 23rd, 2005


Just a thought

Is "J.D. Fortune" the coolest name or what? (And doesn't he have the coolest tattoo?) I miss watching RockStar: INXS. I think it's more fun than the Idol shows.
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    U2 - Miss Sarajevo


So I finally managed to see the city today! Went with housemates and neighbours (also college girls) downtown - rode the ferry, saw the opera house, the harbour bridge... oh, and the aquarium, where our very persistent Dutch neighbour managed to persuade the ticket lady that we were students at Hillsong even though we didn't have any student ID, and to therefore charge us student prices.

Sydney is lovely and pretty. But cold. Brrrrrrr!!

And my cough has been getting persistently worse over the past two days, so I spent the whole of today sipping cough syrup from the bottle. It's gotten a little better. I think one more day of sipping should do the trick. Grrrr. I've been coughing until my stomach and chest muscles ache. At least the runny nose has gone.

Enrolment and orientation tomorrow! Yikes!!