August 17th, 2005


Dum da dum DUMMM...

Well, had a very productive day yesterday. Went shopping, bought a wool quilt at nearly $30 off and some tops, and then went to Ikea ("We don't do ANYTHING for you, and you STILL pay more! Bwaha!") and bought a bed and a desk and stuff like clothes hangers and whatnot. Well, I suppose $200 for a bed, desk, lamp, and assorted stuff really isn't too bad, but once I added the $75 for delivery... gah. And I have to assemble it myself. Oh well, I'm good at that.

They're delivering this afternoon, so I have to be over at the house by about 11am.

I'll be living with 4 other girls in a really nice semi-detached house in a rather posh neighborhood. They're all American! Eeeeek! Am I gonna get all Americanized by living in Australia? Wot?

Maybe I really should revive the British accent. Although the Aussie accent is starting to creep in now. I realize I'm starting to use a quasi-Australian tone when I talk to the locals. Aaugh, stupid chameleon mouth!
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Yoj The Builder

The furniture came, and I assembled it. But first, of course, we discovered that there wasn't a screwdriver in the house or at the neighbors', so I walked to the store to buy one. Of course, since I was there, I figured I'd buy my food for the next few days... not realizing the weight milk and tuna and mayo and mustard would be on the walk back.

I'm going to a college (and church) called Hillsong.

There are hills around.

Well, slopes, depending on where you're from. And stairs.

Anyway, it was a good workout - which I didn't really need, since I'd spend the rest of the day doing freaking carpentry and unpacking and lifting planks and using a half-useless screwdriver. Screwdrivers are real workouts for the arms and pecs!

Anyway, the room is now looking great, except for the pile of shoes in plastic bags by the door... I think I need to buy a shoe rack. And a little shelf. I don't really want to add my shoes to the pile scattered downstairs - no offense to the lovely girls I'm living with... I'd just feel more organized if I knew where all my shoes were.

Anyway, I'm knackered. My arms are like jelly and my back aches.

Good night!
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...before I go to bed, I might as well post these.

Hunter Valley vineyards in winter

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Wasn't terribly exciting, but it was pretty. (and cold.)