July 24th, 2005



Today was a moosical day. First we went to support J, G, and E at the Strait's Times' School Of Rock semifinals. The sound man at that place should've been shot. The high frequencies were all over the place and in the end a few of us whipped out our earplugs and enjoyed the music that way. (Being a musician in an, um, electrically enhanced band has its good points... you learn to always have earplugs handy!) All the bands sounded infinitely better that way. B-Quartet played at the end, and they were very good.

Then we all moved on to Evie's place and had a party/hangout thing, both celebrating E's 18th birthday and as a farewell thing to me. It was a blast, complete with a hilarious impromptu 15-minute percussion session of spoons, bottles, tables, feet, handclaps, buckets, and those plastic clappy things that they gave out for free to the audience of the School Of Rock competition. 15 musicians + 0 musical instruments = Music anyway.

I love hanging out with the band(s) - general insanity and noise is always to be had.

(Oooh... General Insanity. What a great character he'd be!)
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