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TEUNCmoot NYC2005, pt 1
idril celebrindal
Proof that TEUNC is people!

Proof of Dwagin crochet.Collapse )

Proof that the Nazgul had the silmaril.Collapse )

Proof that the crime in NYC really isn't getting any better.Collapse )

LAX is poo.
This airport transit area is so maddeningly boring and technologically backward that I can't believe I'm paying 25cents a MINUTE to use this crappy internet access station. It has a crappy keyboard and is generally crap all around. I can't believe a huge aiport like LAX doesn't havesome sort of wireless network. JFK did!!! Stupid boring airport with no shops or fun things!! Am I spoiled by Sporea's glorious Changi Airport?

Aah i can't take this keyboard. and i'm not paying any more money... bye!!