July 15th, 2005


Briefly, while the adrenalin is still flowing...

Those of you who have the means and opportunity to watch The Lion King musical and yet do not: Ye Be Stupid.


Oh, and of course - met up with lurkinglaurie & sui_degeneris, who were holding a clipboard in front of the New Amsterdam Theater. And Rin-On(!) my high school pal & Broilerette who was initially highly suspicious of TEUNC but was soon won over by lurkinglaurie's knowledge of NYC housing.

And the Teuncy people reunite again tomorrow for lunch (and other destructive activities)! Plus barahirion!! I'm probably writing this too late, so can't meet up with him earlier in the morning. Gah.

I bought several pounds of Hershey's chocolate today too.

Exciting, I know!
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