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Song of the Week
"Paradigm" by All Together Separate

This is a nearly perfect song. It's been repeating in my head for days and contains a line that rings in my soul: "I stand solid while the paradigm is shifting." I love that.

Beautifully simple guitar, gorgeous vocal. Sad that ATS broke up. Dex Alexander had this gorgeous emotive voice, and I love the way they worked the rock and funk and pop and genre-hopped like crazed tiddlywinks. (I see that guitarist Drew Shirley is now touring with Switchfoot. Oh well!)

Can't find an online stream of the audio, but found the video! Brings back memories... Six years ago! (And yes, I had a tiny little crush on Dex Alexander back then.... okay, a medium-sized one, especially after he grew his dreads long. *swoon*)

Videos (streaming RealPlayer): Broadband 56k

Oh, and John blasted ATS in the auditorium while he was setting up the cables and sound gear today! What a coinkydink. Made me happy. It's fun when other people listen to the same stuff you do.

Lyrics be hereCollapse )

Beyooootfiul. *presses repeat*

I squished it!

I squished it DEAD!!

Princess Bride reference: