May 19th, 2005


250 eight-year olds


What possesses primary school administrations to send 250 children to watch a documentary about THE NILE RIVER all at once?! Are they stupid? The Nile is NOT interesting when you are eight. It just ISN'T. And it's OmniMax. So it's so gloriously stunning and beautiful and breathtaking that all the kids go "OOOOH! I'M FLYING!! LOOK! THERE'S THE EXIT LIGHT OVER THERE! LOOK AT THAT TEACHER!! OH OH LET ME KICK THE CHAIRS IN FRONT OF ME!! YAY, I HAVE A LIGHTSABER! OOOH, LOOK AT THE WATER! WHOA! A BOAT!! OH LOOK, IS THAT THE PRIME MINISTER? Y'KNOW, MY DAD BOUGHT ME THIS X-BOX...." and so it goes.

I am not kidding. The kid behind me was talking about lightsabers and some girl across the theater and how Cairo looked like Singapore(!), and how the Sphinx looked like our Prime Minister. Nurul & I kept turning around and trying to get them to shush, and they'd stop for like 5 seconds and then start up again. And the kid wouldn't stop kicking. I mean, I'm fine with the occasional whisper in a movie theater, but it's like eight-year old boys have no idea HOW to CONTROL their VOLUME!! Either that or they are the victims of shoddy parenting. Let's hope it's the former.


The documentary talked about water salinity and the Nubians and the role of water in life, religion, and African politics. It was absolutely beautiful. Too bad I only heard about half of it.