May 16th, 2005



Okay, so I'm really annoyed.

I have issues with my visa application to Australia because they need to know my highest academic qualification, but I haven't officially gotten my degree from NUS yet, so I can't write "university"... but on the other hand, if I don't, then it looks like I've been unemployed for the past 4 years. So what do I do? And what do I do about this medical check up thing? (And I can't apply online because I'm applying to a college listed as "Vocational/Technical", and so unlike the other gazillion Sporeans who manage to apply online, I have to submit a paper application! Arrrgh!) So I just wanted to ask them over the phone--since I am NOT going to use one of those agencies just to answer 2 questions--and it would've taken, like, what - 3 minutes?

But noooooo.... the Australian High Commission has The Eternal Automated Phone Robot From Hell, with NO option to speak to a Human Being. It's "if the robot don't answer your questions, tough luck! Bwaha!"

And their office hours are 9am-12nn. THREE hours?! What do they DO?!


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