May 11th, 2005


Strange and/or Exciting Updates

1. Thank you for all your suggestions. I found the keys in the end. It was very, very mysterious... I found them hiding under a BIBLE in a bag that I hadn't used in DAYS, and I had definitely used the keys to get into the house just the night before I lost them. It just made no sense. Maybe angels do this kind of thing for kicks.

2. I had a meeting with Church Higher Ups (like, y'know, the pastors... not God) and they offered to give me money for Oz because they want to "invest in our young people"! So now I'm basically set, financially. I told them I was planning on using up all my savings to go (Sydney is expensive) and they were like "Bah, save your money so you can fly back to Singapore more often during the holidays." There's a bond, so I'll probably have to work in the Creative Arts department when I get back for a few years, but I was more of less planning on that anyway, so yeah... free money! Now I don't have to worry about being penniless when I get back from Oz. God is cool.

3. Spent the rest of the afternoon recording backing vocals for the Sonic Edge Band's new album. Pretty cool, although I still hate studio recording because it's not half as fun as performing live and twice as much work.

4. The blood and oozy wounds are healing up, and the scabs on the face are nearly gone, although the cheekbone still feels bruised, and now the left wrist is weak and kinda tender and swollen. It's weird coz before I was concentrating on the pain of the bloody palm, so never noticed how I'd injured the wrist. Grrrrr.

5. While chatting at the recording studio, I was explaining my injuries, and said "battles with gravity". Now, wouldn't that be an awesome name for a band? Battles With Gravity!! Come ON!

6. After such an exciting day, I'm totally exhausted and I'm contemplating going to bed... and it's only 9.40pm. But I've been tagged by banazir to do the movie survey, so here it is, before I go.
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I'm not gonna tag anyone to do it because... I believe in fweedom. FWEEDOM!!!

And I'm tired, so I can't think of people.

Good night!

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