May 8th, 2005


A Rather Long Rant

Sometimes I get the feeling that my world is too small. This little island, here, I mean. Maybe it's because I grew up in an international community in an international school where everyone was from everywhere and nowhere and we all liked finding out about other cultures and we all got along great, but here... argh, I dunno, maybe there are people like this all over the world and it's got nothing to do with This Island.

So here are two things that have been bugging me like crazy recently (and by crazy I mean that it's something that I go over and over and over in my head while I'm brushing my teeth)...
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I hate the way This Island has tried (and more or less succeeded) in distorting the lines around culture, ethnicity, and religion. It frustrates me when I come face to face with the ignorance and shallowness that it has spawned. Then again, maybe this happens all over the world, and you can never get away from people who will always have distorted views of reality due to misinformation. On one hand I hope this is true, and on the other I really really don't.

Rant over.

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Live At The New Earth

Waterdeep's "Live At The New Earth" is one of the most awesome live albums I have ever listened to. Their studio material doesn't even compare.

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