April 20th, 2005



All my stuff seems to be breaking down. Obviously the USB 2.0 hub I bought is faulty, because my mouse stops working when I plug it into it now. (Pay peanuts, get monkeys.) Then the USB fan stopped working. (The motor went "blub blub... blub....." and now won't work no matter what.) And now one of the two USB ports on my PowerBook has stopped working altogether. (I'm running on ONE USB port with NO HUB!! I have to switch my mouse and printer back and forth manually! Augh!!) And then the lightbulb I have over my computer table (to balance the glare from the screen) burned out. This, compounded with a very mysterious un-clickable and un-killable window that pops up now and then telling me to run a troubleshooter for my scanner when I never even tried to use the scanner, and only goes away when I restart the whole machine, all happening in less than 3 days, is all rather inconvenient.

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    Tears For Fears - Break It Down Again