March 15th, 2005


Sibling Communication

The Scene: Yoj & Brother are parked in front of the TV, watching CSI: Miami. Yoj is flipping through the newspaper looking for cheap airline tickets to America. Brother is reading a text about medieval sin theology.

YOJ: OoooOOOH! Look... there's a cool package to go to Egypt!
BRO: Hmm?
YOJ: Let's go to Egypt!
BRO: Let's make jelly.
YOJ: Ooooh... or Morocco...
BRO: Mmm, jelly.

-the end-



The local government is on a big anti-drug campaign. And one of the main themes this time is how you may have a lot of friends with your drugs, but once all your friends die or get busted and then you get busted, you'll be very lonely in prison. We're big on prisons. So there's a whole TV campaign telling the story of a pathetic young man who lost all his friends and sits forlornly in his cell. So, scare tactics and prison prison prison! After all, since our kids don't listen to the stuff like "Drug abuse will fry your brain cells" or "You can die", the only thing left to do is remind them that they're living in a country that doles out some of the heaviest punishments worldwide for drug offences, and where prison beatings are legal.

So, in a stroke of genius, they've decided to bring a little bit of that cosy prison atmosphere to our commuter trains...

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