February 9th, 2005


Chinese New Year, Singapore Style

This involves:


Curries. Stews. Roast duck. Roast pork. Pork in soy sauce. Fish maw and cabbage soup. Herbal soup. Braised chicken. Fried chicken. Stewed duck. Preserved vegetables. Stewed vegetables. Stir fried vegetables. Fermented mixed vegetables. Stewed pork belly, to be eaten with little steamed bread buns. Fried noodles. Yams with crispy roast pork. A type of stewed nut with spices and minced meat. Another kind of stewed pork with mushrooms. And another cut of roast pork.

And that's just lunch. And dinner. (It's fried yam/mushroom cakes for breakfast.)

And throughout the day and night and whenever there isn't an official "meal" to sit down to, we have: Snacks.

Pineapple tarts. Chocolate. Cashews. Shrimp & chilli rolls. Coconut crispy things. LOADS of dried barbecued pork. Pistachios. Kueh lapis (a layered cake made of coconut and spices, made by painstakingly layering-baking-layering-baking tiny 1mm thick layers) and lots of other assorted kueh (Malay: sweet dessert-ish snacky things), LOADS of oranges, toasted pumpkin seeds to crack your teeth on, dried barbecued fish things, dried barbecued squid things, cake, cookies, and... and... drinks all around!

It's basically a contest to see who explodes first.

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