January 11th, 2005



My Mommy's gone back to Angle-land!!!


No more muffins for bwekfast... no more chicken soup... no more Mommy-cuddles...


If only chicken and mushroom casserole could be delivered over Skype.

In other news:
MY UNI SYSTEM OF GETTING MODULES IS SERIOUSLY SCREWED UP. Coz I was stuck in hospital during the first round of bidding (BIDDING! When did education become a matter of, of... Sotheby's!?! This is education! Not eBay!!! AAUGH!) Anyway, where was I? Right - because I was stuck in hospital during the first round of bidding, combined with the fact that some of my fellow uni students happen to be overenthusiastic, kiasu (it's a Sporean word - look it up), and just simply insane, I will be, if things continue as they have been, unable to graduate at the end of the semester.

[dramatic pause]

Yes. Unable to graduate.

So now I've got to go to the English department and beg and plead and cry with them, asking to be let in to one class. Not any particular one class, mind, but ANY one class. (That's right, I'm an English major and the stupid computer system refuses to give me a single English class.) I'm still looking a bit pale and tired and pasty, so this is a good time to go and tell them my sob story, I guess. I need ONE more English class to graduate. ONE! Prayers would be appreciated at this juncture. (Or I'll be stuck here for another semester, paying full fees for ONE CLASS, God forbid.)

On the other hand, I've decided to drop Historiography, after I found that the reading for the first weekly seminar was an entire 300-page book about Hegel and Marx and other dead men. (And that was just the first class.) Not that I don't find Three Hundred Pages Of Dead White Men vitally interesting, but I'm... busy. I don't have any inclination whatsoever to spend my time reading reams of philosophizing every week for one class when I have four other classes to read nonsense for as well, and a life outside of school which I personally deem to be, in all honesty, more important. Now, I'm sure some teachers out there may be offended if a student dropped their class simply because they had better things to do, but honestly... that's how it is.

I feel bad that I treat my precious education so frivolously sometimes... especially when others study hard and put sweat and tears into it and go nutty about exams, and then I flutter along and say "Meaningless! Meaningless!" like King Solomon on amphetamines, like I'm belittling their hard work, which is not what I mean at all. Aaaugh! Okay, stopping.


This semester's gonna be fine.