November 23rd, 2004


Timewarps & Soap

Staying home is bad. There's this television, and it plays The Bold & the Beautiful every single day. I watched half an episode yesterday, and about 15 minutes today, and I don't understand it at all. All the characters seem to live in a time-space warp. I mean, the show moves sooooooo... slooooooooooowly... for example, there were about 6 conversations and family spats going on at the same time yesterday, and today most of the conversations are still going on, and none of the characters have changed their clothes, so obviously we're still watching the same 'day' in TV Land.

HOWEVER... I'm trying to figure out how all those characters managed to have so many children and get them so OLD, if time moves this slowly. I mean, I remember The Bold & the Beautiful from when I was about 8, and I never really watched it, but I distinctly remember the blonde woman (Brooke) being childless and kinda desperate. And now, 12 years later (yes, it's been that long but I still remember the bits and bobs I saw as a sproglet - aren't children amazing?) and she has these GROWN UP children who are married.


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