November 19th, 2004


Things That Annoy Yoj On Her Travels

I was walking to the train station early this morning and this man passed and stepped in front of me. Now, he was wearing a very nice cologne and smelled very nice, all fresh from the shower and nicely combed and cologned, and it was a cool sunny morning and he smelled very, very pleasant. I was just thinking "Hmm, what a nice-smelling man!" and was getting cheery at the prospect of walking behind him all the way to the train, when I was rudely enveloped in a cloud of cigarette smoke. And it was coming from HIM. His chimney spew began pouring over his shoulder and straight at me, so I ended up having to zig-zag around trying to avoid the cloud, then picked up the pace and overtook him before I began to smell like a used ashtray.

Why do perfectly nice-smelling people RUIN things like that?

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Layer Memage from myng_rabbyt


Created by andy and taken 6685 times on bzoink!
Birthdate28 September 1983
Current locationSingapore
EyesDark Brown / Black
HairDark Brown / Black
Righty or LeftyAmbi, but trained Right
Zodiac SignLibra
Your heritagePeranakan-Chinese
Your weaknessMouth moves faster than brain
Your shoes you wore todayStrappy sandals
Your fearsBreaking fingers
Your perfect pizzaPepperoni
Goal you'd like to achieveWrite a truly great song.
Your thoughts first waking upUugh.
Your best physical featureEyes
Your bedtime1-4am
Your most missed memoryI've forgotten.
Pepsi or CokeCoke
McDonald's or Burger KingBurger King
Single or group datesWell, that would depend on a lot of things.
Adidas or NikeNike
Lipton Ice Tea or NesteaBoth are yuck.
Chocolate or vanillaChocolate
Cappuccino or coffeeNeither, but cappucino if forced.
Take showers dailyTwice, even.
Have a crushNo
Think you've been in loveNo
Want to go collegeGone
Want to get marriedYes
Believe in yourselfMost of the time
Get motion sicknessSometimes
Think you're attractiveSometimes
Think you're a health freakHAHAHAHHAHAAAAA
Get along with your parentsYes
Like thunderstormsVery much
Play an instrumentYes
Layer.six - in the past months
Gone to the mallYes
Eaten an entire box of OreosNo
Eaten sushiYes
Been on stageYes
Gone skatingNot in the past months, no.
Made homemade cookiesNo
Gone skinny dippingNo
Dyed your hairLast week: Blacker.
Stolen anythingNo - ever..
Been trashed or extremely intoxicatedNo
Been called a teaseYes
Got beaten upNo
Age you hoped to be married23. (hope fading fast...)
Number and name of children2 is nice, 4 is better. I believe 6 would rock, but I'm not sure I'd be able to cope.
Dream weddingOne where I'm barefoot and have a crown of daisies on my head.
How do you want to dieQuickly
Where do you want to attend collegeI quite like where I am.
Dream jobStay-at-home-Mom-who-writes-for-a-magazine-and-writes-songs-and-sings-too.
Country you want to visitPeru
Layer.nine - In a guy/girl...
Best eye colorI'm not choosy.
Best hair colorDitto.
Short or long hairShort, unless he really has a glorious mane. But then I'd probably get jealous and depressed. Short, then.
HeightTaller than me. (Not hard.)
Best weightHeavier than me.
Best clothingWhatever looks nice. Guys in sharp suits look great, though. But great jeans will do it too.
Best first date locationSomewhere silly.
Best first kiss locationWedding (ha!! Okay, maybe engagement party... okay I haven't decided yet.)
Number of drugs taken illegally0
Number of people I could trust with my life5 maybe
Number of CDs that I ownabout 400+
Number of piercings6
Number of tattoos0
Number of times my name's been in the newsMy name's on the news most times something happy happens.
Number of scars on my body1 hot glue gun + 1 mooning incident + 1 iceskating boot + 1 hand-meets-iceskating boot + 1 Apple Slicing Incident + 1 Escalator Incident = 6.
Number of things in my past that I regret.0 at the moment.

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