November 11th, 2004


Yoj's News Of The Day

We got 90% for our Psycholinguistics experimental project! YAY YAY!

I'm on a Bruce Hornsby streak. I'm absolutely in love with his music. Yes, Bruce Hornsby. Piano solo after piano solo. I'm inspired.

My band's doing Chris Tomlin's "Holy Is The Lord" this Saturday. It's originally done in A# or something, and the girls have to scream it... so I pulled it down to a G. It's still a bit of a 'belty' kinda song, but at least we don't have to scream. I would've loved to play the song in F# (the nicest key - it maintains the reach that you feel, but doesn't get too chesty-sounding as it does in F) but my guitarists and keyboardists would've murdered me.

(I said "chesty". Heh.)

It's a glorious song though. Absolutely gorgeous. Let's hope the congregation can handle it. And we're doing good ol' "Let Everything That Has Breath" (Matt Redman), but for some reason it's gone from jangly pop to this extremely crunchy, distorted rock number that I basically shout like a punk singer the whole way through. It's hilarious.

Going to the zoo tomorrow for a school project. Should be fun. It's Divali!! Some special elephant's gonna be there!

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So we went to the zoo and took lots of pics for our project (the Bluetooth thingy)... pics of animals and crowds and vending machines and sweaty grumpy toddlers.

I like the Singapore Zoo. It's one of the best zoos in the world and just gorgeous and lush and tropical and it's pretty, darnit. Anyway, here's a picture of me in the one of the three walls of the open-air bathroom, which is open to the elements and features a fishpond and rock pool and trees and is completely lit by sunlight. I love the zoo loos.

Zoo Loo

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