November 9th, 2004


First/Last Memage

First Best Friend: Elissa Doherty. She had a twin called Christina and about 20 kittens (real live kittens). And a beautifully docile Siamese cat called Milo that we abused terribly by dressing up and throwing. Then she went away (Elissa, not Milo.)
First Car: A MicroMachine that changed color in the sun!!
First Screen Name: chinadolle - until I realized it attracted too many perverts.
First Self-Purchased Album: Don't remember.
First Funeral: Maybe my paternal grandfather, when I was 7.
First Pets: A black terrier called Blackie, but I don't remember him because I was only a year old. But we have pictures of Brother fighting with it over a dog biscuit. The first pets I remember were my terrapins. And goldfish. I'm better with pets that you can't snuggle. Or have to walk.
First Piercing: Ears.
First Kiss: Family and lots of truth-or-dares excluded... never. I have formed a no-kissing-random-people policy since my naughty high-school days.
First Credit Card: No credit.
First Enemy: Don't think I've ever had any.
First Musician you Remember Hearing in your House: Psalty The Singing Songbook. But he's not really a musician. Although he is a songbook. Or maybe my dad playing the piano. Although I have a distinct memory of waking up to the sound of someone tinkling a 5-note tune on the piano, and it was my mother, who doesn't actually play.

Last Cigarette: Never.
Last Long Car Ride: A couple months ago, to Malaysia for my great-grandmother's funeral.
Last Good Cry: A couple months ago, probably.
Last Library Book Checked Out: Some military college text on the lessons of the Vietnam War.
Last Movie Seen: In the cinema... I think it was "13 Going On 30", which was surprisingly good. Or maybe it was "Wimbledon", which was surprisingly not.
Last Beverage Drank: Water
Last Food Consumed: Take-away Japanese teriyaki chicken on a stick.
Last Phone Call Received: from my brother.
Last Time Showered: This morning.
Last Shoes Worn: Flip-flops.
Last CD Played: Mutemath's "Reset" EP.
Last Item Bought: Broccoli.
Last Annoyance: People who walk too slow.
Last Time Wanting to Die: Never.
Last Disappointment: I'm sure I was just disappointed by something recently, but I can't remember it anymore.
Last Shirt Worn: Pink and white striped blouse.
Last Website Visited: uni student portal.
Last Word you Said: "Thank you!"
Last Song You Sang: 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'

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