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I saw a lovely shawl on eBay. The seller is located in Singapore. They are charging something like $7 for worldwide shipping. So I ask them how much shipping would be locally. And they reply with "We do not ship within Singapore. Please do not bid." What!? Why in the world NOT?! Not even if I pay the full $7?!? I'm tempted to bid on the shawl and pay the worldwide shipping charge, just to spite them. There is, after all, nothing on their page that would indicate that I can't. I am in the 'world', after all, and therefore can pay for worldwide shipping, right?!

I am very annoyed.

In other news, I did FOUR LOADS of laundry today, and a mountain of ironing.

Now I'm tired.

Contemplating going to Australia for music and church leadership training college. It would be a 3-year course. Talked to Church Creative Arts Division Head... will need to talk more.

My future is fuzzy.

Went out to dinner yesterday with 3 girls, my little life-accountability kinda group... it was really fun. Talked about the future. About work. About the dearth of good men. Ate prawns and gelato.

Still tired. Good night.

It feels like I've done nothing but eat today. Spicy tom yum noodles for brunch. And a handful of salt & vinegar chips. And a few mini chocolate chip & pecan cookies. And another piece of chocolate. Then for dinner (which really wasn't long afterward because I only crawled out of bed at 1pm) I had shark (yes, SHARK... it was cheaper than regular fish) and grilled asparagus. And another cookie. And then a couple hours later (well, I hope it was at least a few hours) I had another craving for something sweet and had a slice of bread with chocolate-hazelnut spread.

It's WEIRD! I haven't eaten so much in ages. Or felt like I've eaten so much.