September 2nd, 2004


The Co-op can eat my shorts!

After studying the staff training practices and customer service of Disney theme parks, I suppose it was a little unfair that I was rather annoyed at the service I received at the Uni co-op.

I bought this beautiful Powerbook G4, right?

Now, to get it configured to the Uni network, the guy I got it from said I could just hop down to the Co-op's Computer place and a guy would help me do it. So off I went today, lugging this nice but ridiculously heavy laptop.

The guy there asks for my receipt. I told him I didn't bring it, since I wasn't aware I had to. He REFUSED TO HELP ME. I told him if it was to prove that I really was a student, I could show him my student card or even my uni email account, but NO, it wasn't about being a student, it was about proving that I had bought the laptop from the Uni co-op. And if I hadn't, I could go to the University's Computer Centre and get someone there to help me like everyone else. So I thought, fine, since I have a couple hours, I don't mind going over to the com centre... it's easier than having to go home to get a receipt and come back another day.

Now the uni's com centre has turned into a bureaucratic nightmare. I hear that they've started outsourcing a lot of jobs and it shows. The office used to be this nice, bustling place with geeks walking around and being friendly and helpful and lots of happy uni students being happy because their laptops got fixed in 10 minutes (even though they may have had to wait in line for 40 minutes.) But NO, now they won't allow you to wait in the office. No, now they MAKE you drop off your machine and come pick it up in THREE DAYS.

THREE DAYS! To get online! All they need to give me is the network access thingy!!! But NoooooooOOOOoooo.

Now, if you had any sense of customer service, wouldn't you, the silly Co-op Boy, the first guy I went to, just DO the network configuration on the spot even though I failed to produce a receipt? He wasn't busy, and he wasn't making any money either way. And we're all in the same freaking university, for goodness' sake! But nooOOOOooooOOOooooo. Where is their sense of CUSTOMER SERVICE? Or even just Being Nice? Now, I'm not usually Little Miss Disgruntled Customer, but this was really, really stupid, and it was just laziness talking, pure and simple.

I have serious issues with the uni co-op. Last year I went back to claim some money coz I was overcharged by about $20, and they refused to give me back my money, but insisted that I take a "refund slip" and 'buy' $20-worth of stuff. Now, legally, I coulda put my foot down and insisted that they give me back my money, but I was too nice and didn't want to fight. But it was STUPID. You can't make someone buy stuff from you when you were the one that basically ripped them off in the first place. That's insane!

If being Unhelpful and Unreasonable were a competitive sport, I think the co-op would win every time.


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