September 1st, 2004


Full Moon

The moon is big and pretty.

However, it's the seventh lunar month and all the Taoists are burning burning burning burning to pacify their ghosts who are let out of hell during this period. Food, paper, fake money, incense... I dunno what they're burning, but it's burning on all the sidewalks and open areas and I smelled like a cigarette butt just walking through the smoke on the way to the train station. And it didn't help that I was battling this awful throat inflammation and watery eyes and sneezies and the old asthma tight-chested feeling.... It was pretty awful. The smoke! Clouds and clouds of it filled my neighborhood, and we couldn't open our windows for most of the day lest our apartment get all smoky.

But it was kind of interesting, coz on the way to the train (before I hit the major smoke tornado near the basketball court next to the station) I walked past a Hindu funeral. So it was burning paper for the Chinese ghosts on one block, and an Indian procession on the next. What a fascinating country this is.

Hope it ends soon, though.